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Eldon Square Shopping Centre

Many changes have taken place on Eldon Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. So it’s good to know that the external columns to the grand entrance, protected by Interact's cast epoxy system, have stood the test of time.
  • Project: Eldon Square Shopping Centre
  • Place: Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7JB
  • Architect: Comprehensive Design Architects
  • Product: Interactive Casting. Direct fix to the columns
  • Subcontractor: Fire Management Limited
  • Construction: Shopping Centre

The columns received Interactive Column casings for their durability, longevity and beauty of finish. Cast epoxy intumescent using Interchar212  manufactured by AkzoNobel, International Paint protective coatings, was used to manufacture the casting.

These fully exposed columns take advantage of the environmental standard (Marine C5) which makes them the most advanced weather resistant fire protection on the market.

The castings were installed in circa 2007/8 and have a life expectancy for the life of the building*. Add to this the highly decorative finish and you see this is a superb building with a iconic entrance.

Looking from one perspective reveals the true features of the columns as they stand proud against the backdrop.

The external area, which is very popular for summer trade, demonstrates the durability of both the fire protection and the decorative topcoat (Interfine 878).

No need for maintenance warranty

There is no specified warranty requirement to topcoat after so many years, as is required for thin film intumescent. If you tire of the colour, or scuffing of the columns has occurred, a quick clean rub down is all that is required to cover with the same topcoat material. Any breaking through of top seal will not affect the stability of the fire protection underneath which was originally designed for use on oil rigs to withstand the rigours of North Sea conditions of the kind seen in this video.

*Life of building, i.e. 50 years

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"International Paint see ‘Interact Manufactured castings’ as an integral part of our development of Interchar business within the high value infrastructure market."

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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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