3 star Hotel Spoiled by Poor Fire Protection

This hotel, in a mixed use development in the West End of Edinburgh, is not four years old and already the thin film intumescent is falling off. Unless developers are prepared to carry out the required maintenance schedule this is what you can get even if it is external grade intumescent.

YOU CAN AVOID THIS – Why use a system like this when there is an ‘install and forget’ system on the market which has a minimum of 25 years to first maintenance? There are no hidden conditions. There are no real-world environments our material cannot stand. With the correct specialist installers all you will ever need to do is decorate, not protect. Our highly decorative system surpasses all your expectations.

So: Do you want this?


Or: Do you want This?


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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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