Rod Fire Protection

Fire Protection to Macalloy Small Diameter Bar Tension Rods

Convenient & Easy

There is no spraying involved in the application of our system, therefore there is no need for masking off areas. Also no spraying mean no extensive sanding down of the applications.

Aesthetic Freedom

No compromise on the finish. Designers can choose less obstrusive supporting components safe in the knowledge that they can be fire protected with a very smooth finish.

Time Saving

Shorter site time. Our system is simply quicker to  carry out and finish compared with other passive fire protection systems.


Less obstruction to other trades. No need to ask other trades to stop their work whilst our fitters do theirs.

Example installation

The Moxy Hotel office complex in Edinburgh was awarded to Interact Structural Fire Protection Limited after much deliberation on the standard BS476. As the only company known to have tested specifically on solid rods and faced with stiff opposition from the thin film alternative, it was still necessary to convince the architect – and the design and build main contractor – that regardless of the testing, Interact Retrofit castings met, in full, the standard for tension rods.

The superb “highly decorative” finish achieved as standard using the Interact’s casting system, also meant that there was no requirement by the hotel for overcoating every three to five years as is usually required for thin film intumescent coatings where failure to comply may compromise the warranty of the fire protection. Interact’s warranty is standard at 25 years to first maintenance. Intermittent decorative coatings do not compromise the warranty issue.

The problem with thin film intumescent coating

A short walk over the road from this hotel to a mixed-use retail and hotel complex provides a visual lesson to the risks and inconvenience of using thin film (see the photo). Interact’s system of casting provides reassurance both internally and externally regardless of the environmental conditions. Epoxy castings by Interact are certified to the environmental standard C5.

EN ISO 12944-2 1998 Table 1 – Atmospheric-corrosivity categories and examples of typical environments

C5 M-very high corrosivity (marine).

Gallery of images of installation at the Moxy Hotel

McLaughlin and Harvey  – Moxy Hotel – Fountainbridge

We are very pleased to have used Interact on this project. Their support in securing the necessary fire standard compliance gave MCLH the opportunity to use Interact’s “Retrofit” castings. We only wish we could take advantage of their Easy-Over system and their recently launched hinge casting to complement their work. 

The castings to the tension rods through the office building were all as advertised. The finish and seamless joints to a high decorative finish were exactly what we needed when on display. Achieving the specification required significant time and technical assistance from the Interact technical department. 

Another outcome could have been a hand paint or spray application which would disappoint our requirement for a highly decorative finish. 

The installation went very well and from the start, and as expected the installers were very professional, arrived on time and did what they said they would, meeting very tight targets thus letting follow on trades progress as programme.     

In addition, the cooperation when asking the team to help out with firestopping was a commendable addition to the portfolio of skills.

The incorporation of additional instructed works did not hinder progress of the main contract works and assisted in us achieving practical completion of the project, again this variation was understood, carried out in the given timescale and was fairly valued.   

We will certainly consider using Interact when the opportunity next arises.

Kevin Young

McLaughlin & Harvey