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Gaiety Mixed Use Development Celebrates 10 Years

The completion of this project 10 years ago saw the visualisation of the designers come to fruition.

  • Project – The Gaiety Centre
  • Area – King Street South, Dublin 2
  • Architect – A&D Wejchert & Partners, Dublin www.wejchert.ie
  • Structure – 406.4 diameter Circular Hollow Section
  • Installer – Fireseal Dublin www.fireseal.ie
  • Material – Interchar 212 Casting
  • Manufacturer – Akzo Nobel, International Paint www.international-pc.com


Located just off Grafton Street, the busiest shopping Street in Dublin, The Gaiety Centre is a Mixed Use Commercial Development. It includes Fashion Stores, Offices and Residential uses in a 6 storey over double basement layout. To maximise transparency and visibility of shops on all levels this façade is totally glazed with facets at higher levels. This development was delivered at high speed on a constricted site with an adjacent protected structure.

You can see that the concept was realised by this beautiful addition to King Street South.

The internal aspect is just as important as the external which, is why the architect chose Interact for fire protection to the steel circular hollow sections. The column fire protection, using cast epoxy intumescent, was chosen for the durability and excellent finish as well as providing two hours fire protection.

Unlike thin film fire protection, this fire protection will last for the lifetime of the building*1. The only reason for overcoating the epoxy intumescent is that the decorative topcoat may have tired over time, whereas thin film intumescent requires a timed*2 recoating schedule in order to meet the warranty conditions.

So, whether internal or external, the choice is yours. Interactive Columns give you a finish to your specification for the lifetime of your building.

"... the largest fire protection contractor in the UK … has applied the Interact Fire casings on numerous occasions … on prestigious projects in London where the use of this product has been carefully scrutinised and accepted by leading consulting engineers and architects throughout the city, notably at Canary Wharf and The Shard."
Sales Manager

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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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