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The Interact product range offers For-Life fire protection to Iconic and security sensitive buildings as well as Tension and Suspension rods used in every day building projects. The following are key details of our product offering:

Raw Material is Key to Aesthetics

The raw material, which is key to the unique selling point of our product, is the epoxy intumescent used as a casting to produce the most aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

2 Hours Fire Protection

Interact’s project range offers up to 2 hours fire protection as standard and four hours fire protection subject to specific project requirements.

Strength & Durability

The raw material, epoxy intumescent, was developed for offshore structures and designed to withstand the most fearsome weather conditions in the world.

Product Range

The Interact product range includes

Interactive Castings

Interactive Casings

Rectangular Secondary Cladding built on a subframe

Circular Secondary Cladding built on a subframe

Retrofit System

Easy-Over and Hinge Casting

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Hinge Casing

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