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International House, Hatch Street, Dublin

Standing the test of time is the installation of our cast epoxy intumescent system at International House in Dublin. This can be compared to another building close by whose architects specified thin film intumescent for the fire protection of columns.

  • Place: 23 Hatch Lane, Dublin
  • Construction: Office Block
  • Architect: Forest Hill Architects, Dublin
  • Subcontractor: Fire Seal Contracts, Tallaght, Dublin
  • Fire protection period: 2 hours


Take a Google Maps Street View walk up Hatch Lane, Dublin and see a project we completed in 2008. Situated in the prestigious business centre of Dublin 2, International House stands as a testament to the enduring quality of the fire protection of our epoxy intumescent castings.

The polyurethane top coating is reliable for 10 years to first maintenance and can last even longer. Even if the maintenance of the top coating is not carried out, the performance of the underlying epoxy fire protection remains unaffected.

Compare with Thin Film Intumescent

Damage to ColumnIn contrast to this, look at a similar column in Fountainbridge, built in circa 2017. It is clear that the top coating and thin film intumescent beneath, has been severely compromised. Could this now invalidate the warranties?

Direct and secondary cladding

The International House fire protection to the external columns consists of direct and secondary cladding systems using epoxy intumescent. The very versatile material, Interchar 212, manufactured by International Paint has been used by Interact on projects in Australia, Dubai and France. It is also popular closer to home in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

There are seven Interactive Columns(direct fixing) and three Interactive Casings (secondary cladding) employed to fire protect the outer structure of the building including one at high level and seriously exposed to all weather conditions. Interactive secondary cladding was used because the client did not want the problems associated with other types of secondary cladding systems.

See the building on Google Street View

"Interchar 212 is extremely durable, totally resistant to the environment… the fire protection provided usually exceeds what is required and is one of the few products in the industry where a design life in excess of 50 years can be given on external structures due to its long service in the offshore industry."
Sales Manager

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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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