Interact – Proud To Be Runners Up In The ASFP Awards For Innovation

Although on this occasion winning the award was just out of their grasp, the Interact entry for Passive Fire Innovation of the Year ticked all the boxes:
    • Sustainability, with minimum raw material waste – doing away with throwaway moulds. 
    • 75% time saving on site. 
    • Accuracy of a factory produced component. 
    • A patented manufacturing system to extrude cast epoxy intumescent producing a seamless finish for small diameter bars up to 100mm diameter.

Our Easy-Over small diameter rod fire protection system has been fully tested to the standards of the day, BS476, and when the EN13381 part 10 is fully embedded, Interact will test again before moving into the European market.

Easy-Over and our Retrofit solution (the fallback alternative to Easy-Over), are already installed on tension and suspension rods and have a track record going way back to the Sterling Prize securing Runner Up for the Glasgow City Campus building in 2017. The development of an extruded component reduces the stitching back of two half sections on site. A costly and expensive operation is avoided by forward thinking to allow for the first fix to be either off or on site, prior to the erecting of the small diameter bar and its pivots.

View our short animation showing an artistic representation for the two main systems we provide for small diameter bars.

Interact are currently negotiating with NBS and are working on their CPD which may be titled “Epoxy Intumescent Fire Protection in Construction”. The CPD examines the advances in providing a unique solution for architects and designers requiring high decoration, durability and integrity.

Our Interactive Castings are most suitable for feature columns internally but especially externally where robustness against adverse weather conditions plays a major role in the longevity of fire protection. This product has been long neglected as an ideal solution to circular and rectangular sections, meeting the Atmospheric-corrosivity categories in EN ISO 12944-2 1998 category C5 marine.

While Interact were very disappointed not to secure the coveted ASFP award for Passive Fire Innovation last December, they intend to be in the running again this year with their next, soon to be announced, game-changing innovation. Watch this space!

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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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