Hollow Sections Project

St Enoch’s Centre at the heart of Glasgow Retail Experience

The St Enoch retail centre project is a great example of the use of cast epoxy intumescent and shows how much better it is compared with secondary cladding.
For cleaners and maintenance staff alike, looking after the Interactive Columns could not be easier. No joints to wipe no difficult maintenance to take out that secondary cladding scratch or scuff and then not very successfully. Interactive columns are the most robust system of fire protection with high decoration on the market.

  • Project: St. Enoch’s Shopping Centre
  • Area: 55 St Enoch Square. Glasgow. G1 4BW
  • Architect: GMW Architects now part of Scott Brownrigg
  • Structure: 406.4 diameter Circular Hollow Section
  • Installer: Stopfire Limited  http://www.stopfireltd.com
  • Manufacture: Interactive Castings – Interchar 212
  • Material Supplier: Akzo Nobel, International Paint www.international-pc.com


It is now 11 years Since the opening of the St. Enoch’s Centre The bold columns stretching 20 plus metres into roof space. This challenging height for the subcontractors did not compromise the superb finish to the Interactive casting situated throughout the building. And they will look as good now as they did when they were first installed.

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Whether it is Retail, Catering or Sightseeing, walk around and sample this spacious centre which is complimented by the foresight of the designers who used slim casting resulting in a spacious and beautiful shopping experience.

Gallery: St Enoch's Retail Centre

"Interact are currently our only supplier of Interchar castings and we will, wherever possible, continue to work with them to develop the business."
Gary Chapman, International Paint, Akzo Nobel

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Tony Tiernan

Tony Tiernan

Materials Specialist: Epoxy fire protection Castings

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